Aubrey O’Days Sexy Instagram

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rusty-mattis - August 9, 2017

People are always bitching about how folks take pictures of their food and post them social media. Heck, my Grandma used to take pictures of food all the time, but we had to watch them as a slide show. Yeah, it was a little boring, but I'll take looking at hot dogs and stuff all day if it means I also get to see Aubrey O'Day being sexy on Instagram.

Aubrey hasn't responded to my Instagram follow request yet. I guess she's not ready to see pictures of my dirt bike all covered in mud, it's something you really have to appreciate in person anyway. Plus, why look at my bike when you can look at Aubrey O'Day in all kinds of sexy dresses and sexy bathing suits and sexy lingerie. I bet Aubrey O'Day gets a bunch of free stuff from places like Frederick's of Hollywood cause she's always wearing something super sexy. And we all know there ain't no sexier place in any mall than Frederick's of Hollywood. Wish the manager at my local Frederick's of Hollywood wasn't such a tool. Always asking me to stop staring into the store. Jerk. Guess I'm gonna have to get a new account or something. Then I won't have to go the mall and be asked to leave because I'm "scaring customers." I can just sit on my couch and stare at Aubrey O'Day being all sexy and stuff.

Photo Credit: Instagram