Adriana Lima En Fuego In Black And White For Harpers

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bill-swift - June 19, 2017

Adriana Lima could melt ice in winter. Which sounds silly, but I'd pay to see her do it with her bare hot hiney, so that's a something to put on her LinkedIn resume.

The beautiful and boldly alluring fine female Brazilian showed off her world class wares for Harper's Bazaar in Spain, displaying the lust lorn likes of a Southern European hottie working her magic in a low cut number of things in black. How I imagine sex after a funeral might be with a ridiculously hot woman. And, of course, I've imagined this many times, though decorum and opportunity have always kept me from doing so.

Adriana Lima is temporarily single since her athlete husband split. Assume it won't last for long. Like maybe ten more seconds. That's all the opportunity I need. I've added two zeroes to the income line on my 1040 and I look fairly eligible. Minus the footwear, naturally. Adriana, don't ever stop being so damn hot. Enjoy.


Photo Credit: Harpers Bazaar Spain