Elizabeth Hurley Having Full-Blown Boob Breakdown; We Benefit

Last Friday when I was leaving work - getting ready for a weekend full of not getting eclipse glasses and then complaining about not having them - I saw that A-list MILF for days Elizabeth Hurley had posted a truly cleavtastic Instagram picture. Obviously this isn't the New York Times so I'm not about to stay late for a breaking news story, but thankfully I didn't have to, because Hurley continued to post revealing pics throughout the weekend while wearing her own bathing suit line. 

Hurley's Instagram currently looks like a melon buffet, as the fifty-two-year-old Brit actress keeps the girls front and center while pimping out Elizabeth Hurley Beach. The one picture that doesn't fit in with the others is actually the sexiest, and depicts Hurley sprawled out in bed with just a thin, open white robe covering her nipplies. I know I didn't do anything to deserve this, so to whoever out there has the Boob Gods on our side, thank you. If you have any respect for yourself and your nether region, you'll check out the gallery below featuring Hurley's recent and slightly less recent Insta highlights.


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Photo Credit: Instagram

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