Adriana Lima Super Fit Hotness


To say Adriana Lima is physically fit is about as obvious a statement as the fact that I want to examine her fitness from toe to head and every stop in betweem with my detailed microscope. Let's just call it microscope now for the sake of me keeping my fake medical license. Adriana, I've been watchin you near and far and nearer and moaning for many years now. You keep that fine female form of yours in super conditioned shape, on the off chance you might be mostly or entirely naked for the cameras, or me.

Adriana is helping Victoria's Secret with their big predatory move into athletic wear for the ladies. Go where the money is. V.S. knows that as well as Willie Sutton, but only one could afford to hire this smoking hot brunette to down a sports bra and Spandex pants and pretend to box. Adriana, I'm happy to pretend you knocked me out. Or just really knock me out. In either case, please use me. Use me until I cry. Trust me, those are happy tears. Enjoy.

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