Luisa Zissman Bikinis Like Everybody's Business in Spain

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We've seen British Apprentice curvaceous stunner Luisa Zissman in her bikini before. She seems to love the South of Spain, and I'm guessing the South of Spain loves her back. I know she's been embroiled in various scandals and goings-on in the tabloids in the U.K, but today I'm willing to take the gentlemanly step of merely leering at her bodacious female form and wondering how I might luck into being her Apprentice for one evening.

I find myself inspired at the sight of ridiculously hot female bodies in tiny bikini dipping in and out of the water. I know, I'm probably alone in this passion regard. But alone I shall stand, well, stoop perhaps behind a chaise lounge chair to get a closer look without a beating. Enjoy.

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