Amy Childs Looking Sweaty Boobtastic in L.A. (We Want to Meet Her Very Badly)

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Look, there's no shame in admitting that you have some drooling desire to meet lust-inducing hotties from abroad. In fact, those confessions represent at least 80% of my time spent in the penalty box each week with Father Constigliatorre. So when we saw Amy Childs strutting about Rodeo Drive over the weekend, and, more importantly, setting about on her cleavetastic training routine that evening, we fired off a tear-stained missive (I swear, those stains are tears) to try and get Amy to come visit us at our West Coast penthouse offices. And, by visit, we of course mean stand in front of us feeling nervous and awkward while we stare slackjaw at her chest. We simply can't help that social faux pas.

We need your help. Hit up Amy Childs on Twitter and tell her she must come see Egotastic! Our fantasy life depends upon it. Plus, then we get to shoot her in all sorts of weird and revealing moments we get to share with you. Pay the sextastic forward, people. Enjoy.

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