Amy Childs Goes Daisy Duke for Her L.A. Reality

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Who doesn't have a reality show these days? Personally, I have to blame the women-folk on this front. If only guys watched television there would be just one reality show on ever and it would be called '<INSERT NAME> Gets Nekkid'.

Well, our be-lustable TOWIE ginger, Amy Childs, began filming for her reality show bits in Los Angeles this week, showing up for shoots on her first day in some Daisy Dukes and a tied-up little top that almost makes me want to break my vow to add zero new reality shows to my DVR settings in 2012. I suppose if I'm watching by way of 'borrowed' tuning on the NASA-grade 40-foot satellite dish on the roof of the Egotastic! building, that doesn't really count as viewing.

Amy Childs is dayum hot. But we'd still rather watch her in 'Amy Childs Gets Nekkid'. Enjoy.

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