Amy Childs Opens Beauty Salon To Fool Women Into Thinking They Can Look Like Amy Childs

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We're not exactly sure what sextastic The Only Way Is Essex reality star Amy Childs is selling at her newly opened beauty salon, but unless it's big hair, big boobs, and some outstanding genes, we have a feeling she's ultimately going to leave her female customers disappointed. The buxom redhead held a little celebration for the opening of her self-titled studio of trimming and shaving and shampooing, and we can certainly see the appeal, of Amy that is, we could ogle her til the cows come home, or til they come to Amy's beauty salon expecting to be made luscious. Honestly, we've never quite understood what goes on in the female sanctuary of the beauty salon, and outside of a few quick runs inside to 'borrow' some of the latest editions of our favorite magazines, we're happy to leave what happens in the styling red tent a complete mystery. Enjoy.

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